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Elevate your crypto game! Trade fast and confidently with MeV ReOrg protection. Your ultimate trading companion awaits.



Discover Sigma's feature-rich platform, designed for a seamless and secure crypto trading experience.

MeV Protection

Safeguard your trades with Sigma's MeV protection, ensuring robust security against potential threats. Never lose gas on failed transactions!

Multiple Chain Support

Trade seamlessly on Ethereum, Base, Avalanche (Avax), Arbitrum and other chains, providing versatility for your trading needs.

Up-to 10 Wallets

Enjoy flexibility in managing your crypto holdings with support for up to 10 wallets, streamlining your portfolio management.

Control with Telegram

Take charge of your trades effortlessly through Telegram integration, offering a straightforward interface for monitoring and executing transactions.

Earn with Referral Program

Boost your earnings by participating in Sigma's Referral Program. Refer others to earn commissions on their trades, turning connections into valuable opportunities.

Points for Benefits

Enhance your trading experience by accumulating points on Sigma. Reach new levels to unlock exclusive benefits.

Join the trading community

Check out Sigma's Telegram channel to connect and try out new strategies.

Binance Smart Chain

Created with the user in mind.

Sigma was created with a strong focus on user experience, ensuring simplicity and efficiency in every aspect. Integrated with Telegram for easy control, Sigma prioritizes user needs, making crypto trading straightforward and rewarding.


Easy to Use

Lightning Fast

Tried and Tested Engine

Advanced Configuration

Sigma Rewards


Anti Rug

Sigma natively safeguards users against rugs, honeypots and more.


Make trades from the comfort of your phone wherever you are.

Multi-Chain Support

One app for all your needs. Trade on Ethereum or Avalanche. More chains coming soon!

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AVAX Support

BSC Support

Arbitrum Support

Base Support

Blast Support

Backup Bots

Rewards Points

Copy Trading

Coming Soon

Telegram Scraper

Web Terminal App

Solana Support

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